Follow-up to last night’s crackfic

In case you missed it

Help I can’t stop writing character development for Cat. I might have a problem.

Drizzt learns about Catti-Brie’s sneaking around. Alternate teaser: Drizzt being affectionate with Significant Others.

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Gonna spend another large portion of my day playing skyrim I guess

Shadow just came home from the vet and I have to be on dog-watch/available for dog-watch since he’s in a cone and has stitches in his ear.

Sophie cannot calm down for the life of her, she doesn’t know what to do with herself. Even now, she’s holed up outside the master bedroom door [where we had to put shadow to keep the other dogs from sticking their heads in his cone] and waiting for him to come back out to play.

It’s like she’s guarding the door. 

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A special little Kimmuriel/Jarlaxle shortfic for the lovely Elucipher who sent me all the notes for the new Drizzt book I needed [and therefore rendered it so I didn’t have to read the book myself.]

Set after “Sons” in the MOtF-verse, but I’m not going to call it official yet because of a scene coming up in Endless.

Anyway, enjoy this little stupid thing!

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A wonderful way to start your day

after a night of barely-sleeping, nothing is better than a hot shower.

That is until a large cockroach, or -because you live in Florida- a small palmetto bug, decides to crash your shower party by magically appearing from behind your shower curtain right as you get in.

I want to thank whatever god of foresight or bug wrangling that decided to give me the idea to clean my shower drain first thing this morning. I thought it was weird that the idea came to me, but I am grateful now.

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Another little crackfic!

[because I got a whole lot of nothing done today writing-wise]

Catti-Brie asks for some advice. [It’s hopelessly stupid and choppy and not proofread please forgive me]

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Oh shit I promised you guys a crackfic tonight not a muffin recipe.

I should get on that.

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