A Little Entertainment for the Evening

Catti-Brie meets Iyani and Sonnenclair. A pair of characters for Raz and Nana’s story.

[Because I have wanted to post something with these two for so long and I can’t really incorporate them into anything else. Also, I get to scare the pants off Catti-Brie and that’s fun too.]

If you would like further exposition on anything, feel free to ask. I don’t want to load this up with notes.

Word count: 2,386

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Sketches for requests are almost done.

[If I get done in a timely manner I’ll clean up the Catti-Brie/Sonnenclair interaction short that I half-did this morning and post it so you guys have something to read other than my blathering.]

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Some dogs chew sticks. Sophie prefers pinecones.

Some dogs chew sticks. Sophie prefers pinecones.

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Holy shit Amazon, you don’t fuck around with optical cables.

[Which means, hopefully my mother won’t break this one.]

But why the $5 shipping cost? What’s up with that?

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I think it’s weird that every episode of this season of AHS thus far has had a musical number.

Weirdly fabulous.

*Kinda excited for Gods and Monsters tomorrow*

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Finally got to the “skimpy female armor” request.

Oh man

Eff, I’m so sorry.

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And they lived happily ever after in the land of denial that is my headcanon.